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Blue Horizons Total Alkalinity Reducer 5 Litre

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Put on your protective gear. Wear a long-sleeve top, rubber gloves, goggles or other eyewear, and a face mask to prevent inhaling fumes. Alkalinity, acidity levels … there’s no need to get hung up on terms. The most important reason you should lower your pool's pH is that chlorine, the main chemical in your pool, won't work as well in high pH water. Both dry acid and sulfuric acid add sulfates to your water, which, at high levels, can lead to a number of issues.

The most likely cause is adding too much pH or alkalinity increaser such as baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) or soda ash (sodium carbonate).It’s not uncommon to see your total alkalinity rise over time because pH naturally rises over time, and we know alkalinity always increases with pH.

The truth is, aside from draining and refilling, the only reliable way to independently raise the pH level in a pool is by aerating the water. Specifically formulated to reducer the Total Alkalinity (TA) of your Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub water. This product can also be used to remove scale from pool surrounds. Treatment To Reduce Total Alkalinity (TA) When alkalinity is too high in your swimming pool, your chlorine won’t sanitize the water as effectively. And it can lead to calcium buildup, and cloudy water and irritate a swimmer’s eyes and skin. How do you lower alkalinity without lowering pH? Specifically, acid converts bicarbonate alkalinity into carbonic acid (H 2CO 3) by adding Hydrogen to it.Simplified, we think of it as acid 'burns through' alkalinity to reduce pH. More Total Alkalinity leads to a higher pH For most pools, the ideal range for total alkalinity is anywhere between 80 and 120 parts per million. This is the sweet spot for most pools where alkalinity keeps the pH level stable enough to keep everything in balance.It scales your surfaces. High pH causes the calcium in your water to fall out of solution, which leads to staining on surfaces known as calcium scale. This effect is worsened if you have high calcium levels. It reduces chlorine’s effectiveness. Free chlorine works best at lower pH, so the higher your pH, the less sanitizing power chlorine has over contaminants. This can result in dirty or under-sanitized water. You used high pH water. Whether you’re filling or topping off your pool, always test the source water for pH before assuming anything. Well water may also be highly saturated.

Chlorine levels can affect the level of pH in your pool. Cover the pool test kit, then shake it. If you are using pool test kits with test strips, wait for 30 seconds before dipping the test strips into the water collector.Did you notice that total alkalinity is not measured on the pH scale? This is an important distinction to make because this is usually how pH and alkalinity get confused. Total alkalinity is measured by the amount, or concentration (ppm)in the water, not by how alkalinethe water is. You can increase your pH levels without affecting your alkalinity by using pool aeration (see our pool aeration guide for more information). Using a water fountain or pool aerator will create bubbles that help outgas carbon dioxide in the water. As carbon dioxide leaves the water, the pH will rise without impacting your total alkalinity. And if you need to bring down your alkalinity, you can add more acid while aerating your water to keep your pH levels up. Frequently Asked Questions About How to Lower pH in a Pool So if your total alkalinity is in the normal range (100 to 150 ppm), your alkalinity will help stabilize your pH. And stabilized pH helps your chlorine do its job of sanitizing your swimming pool. What Causes High Total Alkalinity? Method One: Turn off the pool’s pump and add the muriatic acid in a small, steady stream directly into the deep end of your pool. This ensures the acid will go directly to the bottom, rather than floating around at the pool surface. Then turn your pump on and let it circulate the acid through the water. Wait a full day before testing your total alkalinity. If the reading is still too high, use the calculator again and repeat the steps.

Do not let this chart mislead you. With CYA in your pool, you will still have chlorine, it's just not as pH-dependent because most if it is bound to CYA. More on pH, CYA and chlorine relationships here. These also rely on a color chart to determine a level, but the testing process uses a method called titration. It requires filling up a vial with water from your pool before adding drops from a reagent bottle. When your water becomes too basic, however, it leads to cloudier water, weakened sanitizer, scaling of pool surfaces, and just general discomfort on your skin and eyes.Keep reading for a complete guide on what affects your pH and how to lower pH in a pool with pH decreaser or muriatic acid. How Do pH and Total Alkalinity Affect Each Other? Pour the chemical directly into your water near the return jets and in the deepest end of your pool. Keep the pump running. Do not add it to the skimmer. If you’re a pool owner with an above ground pool, you may need to help stir the water yourself with a pool brush. 4. Let the pH Decreaser Dissolve Alkalinity is a buffer to your pool water’s pH, helping keep your pH levels from fluctuating drastically. So balancing your total alkalinity is important to maintain consistent pH levels. If you’re using muriatic acid, simply measure the liquid and pour it directly into the deepest area of your pool near an active return jet. Some pool owners prefer to dilute muriatic acid beforehand, but that really isn’t necessary. When your total alkalinity is very high, your pH level becomes very resistant to changes in the water, particularly the addition of acids that would normally lower it. As a result, the pH tends to drift upwards over time.

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